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Guitar Repair

If you just bought a brand new guitar off the shelf, chances are it was just pulled from the box without any care…it could probably use a set up for optimum performance.

If you have a trusty old axe that needs intonation, repairs or a complete overhaul with a new custom paint job (especially if you have a recording session or important gig coming your way), we can make it happen.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

  • Truss Rod Adjust
  • Action Adjustment
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Compound Buff & Polish
  • Complete Setup
  • Nut Work
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Broken Neck Repair
  • Electronics / Pick Up Work
  • Custom Airbrushing & Paint
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Please note: We must be able to inspect your guitar in person to give you a quote on repairs or modifications.

Big retail music stores do not set up guitars/basses. Their employees simply remove the guitars from their shipping boxes and place them on the floor. When you purchase these guitars, they are not even set for their optimum performance. Every guitar should be set up, from your $99 special, to a Gretsch White Falcon.

We offer our “D.O’B. SOUND SPECIAL” for only $50. A complete set up. (Floyd Rose style tremolo start at $65)

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