Live Sound & Production

We work with an extensive list of vendors and associates on a regular basis to best assist our clients to develope and achieve their event goals. We provide audio, video and lighting support to events ranging from Small to Large Scale.

Our Services Include:
- Small to large format sound systems for various performances
- Performance and decorative lighting
- Distributed audio (many small area speakers) for other rooms and areas away from and or separate from the main event
- Video presentation and projection
- Multi-Track audio and multi camera video shoot with full post production mixing and editing to master quality DVD

Small to Large Format Sound Systems:
Our PA Systems cover a range from small intimate settings to large festival / street fair settings with over 10,000 in attendance. Let one of our experts put together the right system for your coverage needs and budget.

Our Systems Include:
Digital and analog mixing consoles by; Soundcraft, Digico, Allen and Heath, Mackie

Line Array Module Speakers, Speakers on Stands, Stage Stacks, Subs and Monitors by;
RFC, JBL, QSC, dB Technologies, DAS

We also partner with associates who provide:
Advanced Lighting, Stage and Truss set up, Crowd Control Equipment, Power Generators, Pipe and Drape,
Red Carpet, Chrome Stanchions, Fog Machines, Strobes, Other Special FX