House Rules

First off, thank you for your business. Here at D.O’B. Sound Studios we are all musicians and we know just how things are within the average band and how tough it can some times be but we have a few rules set in place and we would like for everyone to respect them and to respect each other.

Please be aware of the time. By allowing yourselves enough time to break down and exit the room within your booked time frame you will not be interfering with either the band/artist booked before or after you. We’re pretty sure you would not like another band/artist overlapping on your time. Same goes for showing up on time, just because you show up late doesn’t mean it’s cool to go over the next bands time.

Please be respectful to others. There are many musicians here that can become your friends with contacts that can help further your musical career. This is a community and if your friendly good things can happen.

No smoking inside the rooms. You are allowed to smoke outside just make sure your cigarette butts go into the designated ash cans.

No illegal substances allowed anywhere on the premises. Please leave all illegal substances at home or in your vehicle. Anything found in the rooms will be immediately disposed of.

Equipment issues. If you have a problem with a piece of gear, please let us know right away. Continuing to play on a piece of equipment that is having problems can severely damage it. You must remember that the house gear gets used every day and needs periodic servicing.


Booking. There are currently two ways to book your rehearsal time, by phone and via text message. You can call the studio line (562.464.9456) or text the studio cell (562.322.3448). The phone is quickest and easiest but texting is convenient for those who are unable to talk due to being at work or school. When booking your time please be certain that those are the hours that you can make…changing your hours the day of rehearsal can not always be accommodated.

Minimums. There is a two hour minimun required to book a rehearsal room. One hour blocks are available for $20/HR ($25/HR for showcase)

Cancellations. If you need to cancel your rehearsal we ask that you do so before 24 hours of your scheduled time (48 hours would be even better). If you have to cancel the day of your rehearsal we will have to charge you a $15 fee (most places charge the amount of your entire rehearsal). This is in place for a couple reasons…one, we lose money when you cancel last minute and two, when your band members know there is a fee involved for last minute cancellations, they are more apt to not cancel. No one wants to be the guy who costs the band money so it works in everyone's favor.

Rentals/Borrowed equipment. If you need to borrow mics or rent a piece of equipment you must leave a photo ID at the front office to check it out. You will receive it back when you return the item(s). This goes from everything to instrument cables to mics to amps. Please take care of the gear while it is in your possession, treat it like you would if it was your own.

Showcase & Events. Please call the studio to discuss booking a showcase or event (no gigs) at D.O’B. Sound Studios.